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Georgia: Is it Safe?

Coming to Georgia

The time of the year when you are on your work break or your kids are on holiday, the best thing to do is to take a vacation by travelling the world, and one of the fascinating places to visit is Georgia.

Found in Europe, Georgia is a country anyone would like to visit for the holidays, both you and your children. Neighbours to Russia and Turkey, Georgia has rich history, beautiful sceneries and numerous shopping destinations to make your trip more than worth it.

All the sceneries from the mountain to the coast and a taste of its rich history through the museums and spectacles in the country are what most tourists keep coming back for more when visiting Georgia. Georgia is therefore currently a safe country.

georgia-692924_1280Why is Georgia a safe Tour Destination?

If you are asking yourself this, it means you have never been to Georgia, everyone who has been there will definitely tell you it’s more than just safe in all aspects. It is therefore a great place to visit.

Below are some of the factors that make Georgia a safe travel destination:

1.Political Structure

Georgia is a semi-presidential republic with both a President and a Prime Minister. The country has a cabinet and Members of Parliament. The country has maintained peace in all of its political proceedings and never has there been an issue during their elections.

The Department of Tourism and Resorts is part of the country’s cabinet and is consistently working with an aim to market their country in terms of tourism. The country has a population of about 5 million heads and as of 2011, 3 million tourists were in record for visiting Georgia and this number is constantly increasing. This increase is because of the stable political structure set up in the country.

2. Friendly Community

The population of Georgia is friendly with a considerable number of citizens speaking Russian and Turkish which are foreign languages. This allows people from the other countries to feel welcome because they can easily interact with the Georgians who are able to speak their language.

The people of Georgia also have a mixed ancient and modern culture making tourism more interesting when you visit the country.

3.Good relations with neighbours

Armenia. Azerbaijan and Turkey and Russia are all neighbouring countries of Georgia and have been able to maintain good border to border relationships with no unnecessary conflicts between the countries.

Come Back To Georgia

If you set foot on Georgian soil once, be sure that you will want to come back again for more. The country is welcoming to all and you will find yourself having more fun than you sited at home. The Department of Tourism and Resorts advertises the hotels and sceneries that will make you want to visit Georgia even if it’s not for the first time. Take your next vacation with Georgia as your number one destination, and from what the country has to offer in terms of safety for tourists will leave you coming back for more.

10 Things You Should Not Do in Georgia

Visiting Georgia

Georgia is a fascinating country to visit that offers a unique experience. However, it is a country with many potential risks when you visit. Here are ten things that you should not do in Georgia if you want to stay safe and avoid problems.

Ten Things Not to Do

  1. Visiting well-known danger hotspots is something that visitors to the country should not do. There are specific cities and towns that foreigners are advised to avoid. These include Abkhazia, Dagestan, and Chechnya.
  2. Don’t expect Georgian drivers to stick to the rules of the road! It is worth taking note that drivers tend to drive really fast and don’t always abide by the rules or the laws regarding traffic safety. With this in mind, be extra careful and alert, both as a pedestrian and when you are driving.
  3. Avoid flashing the cash. Georgia is a country that is experiencing economic hardship and has a fairly high crime rate. Openly showing how much cash you are carrying or getting out expensive possessions, such as jewelry, is just asking for trouble.
  4. Public transport in Georgia does not necessarily run to schedule. Unless you want to be stranded late at night, don’t wait for the last bus. The buses just leave when they are full rather than when they are scheduled to depart. Aim to arrive early to make sure you are not walking the streets late at night.
  5. Don’t enter Georgia from Russia via either Abkhazia or South Ossetia. It is illegal to do so as there is no official border control at these points. Similarly, be careful that you do not accidentally cross the border into Azerbaijan if you visit the David Gareja monastery site. There is an unmarked border at this attraction.
  6. Although winter sports are popular in Georgia, you are best avoiding these as a tourist as medical emergency services are limited.
  7. Driving at night can be a stressful experience as the roads are poorly lit and not in good condition. Road signs are usually in Georgian so it can be hard to read these. If possible, avoid driving at night unless you are familiar with the area.
  8. Be careful where you take photographs. Avoid photographing power installations and military bases. Also, be careful about photographing churches and religious sites as these are culturally sensitive and photography in these locations is often frowned upon.
  9. With regards to clothing, Georgians have a rather conservative attitude. You should remain covered up and not wear clothes that are revealing or provocative in any way.
  10. Under no circumstances should you ever carry drugs into this country or take any while you are there. Being caught with drugs will lead to a lengthy term in jail and large fines.

Stay safe and Enjoy Your Visit

Avoiding problems and staying safe will ensure that your trip to Georgia is both successful and enjoyable. By following these tips, you will reduce the likelihood of running into problems and this will mean you are free to enjoy everything this amazing country has to offer to visitors.

5 Security Issues You Should Address Before Traveling To Georgia

Traveling from one destination to another is normally an exciting time for everyone involved. From taking a short trip with friends and family members to traveling alone, there are many different things that people can do while they are on the road. When an individual or a group prepares for their trips, there are normally a wide variety of things that must be done. Some of which involves ensuring the family will have a safe trip to their destination and back. In order for this to happen, it is best to do some research in advance. Starting with ensuring certain security measures are considered in advance, especially when the person or the group is traveling to the country, Georgia.

Fortunately, Georgia has many popular areas that people like to frequent. From old beautiful architectural buildings to taking tours of Georgia’s natural wonders, there is more than enough for the entire family to do when they arrive at their destination. However, keeping safe is of the utmost importance if the family and their friends want to have an exciting time without a lot of unnecessary problems.

#1 – Make sure to secure Accurate Emergency Phone Numbers

Because accidents and other unsafe incidents can occur, its best to be prepared for anything. This is why people who travel through this country should always make sure that they have the right numbers in hand for immediate responses. Because the emergency numbers in these areas can be somewhat confusing, travelers should make sure that they know each number and what areas that they are actually dialing. For instance, the Emergency Phone Numbers in Georgia are as listed below:

Fire Department: 011

Police: 022

Ambulance: 033

#2 Identify Dangerous Areas in Advance

Many times people like to travel freely through certain areas so that they can explore the area. Even though this may be fun to do, its best to keep it safe at all times. One of the best ways to make sure the family does not encounter any unnecessary issues, is finding out which areas are deemed as dangerous in advance. Because parts of the country are coming out of lengthy and painful sleep, there are places that are not safe for foreigners to travel through. For example, foreigners are being told Abkhazia, Svaneti is a bad area that’;s currently on the list.

#3 – Crazy Drivers

One common issue that people in these areas are normally concerned about is the driving in these areas. Since the rules of the road are not really followed in Georgia, tourists may find that they are considered to be crazy drivers. However, even though the driving may seem erratic, the accident rate is still relatively low.

#4- Know the Safest Means to Travel

One common form of traveling for tourists is by marshrutkas (i.e. minivans). So, it is important to note that they are much quicker forms of traveling, especially when being compared to the traditional transit system. However, two of the top disadvantages to using this type of transportation normally include being crammed in with other passenger and having an increased risks of accidents. This is because the marshrutkas drivers normally drive excessively fast.

#5 – Power outages

It is also important to note that this area is known for serving all kinds of different strong drinks, and the locals like to party with the tourists. Even though everyone likes to enjoy themselves because there are lots of hotspots to visit for drinks, people should also be aware of an issue that also occurs late at night. One of which involves random power outages that can occur. Which means, this is also a security issue that people should make sure that they are familiar with before they getting too carried away.

Georgia is considered to be coveted place for tourists to visit. However, it is important for everyone to be familiar with certain security issues prior to reaching their destinations.

Five of the most notable includes ensuring the traveler has specific emergency numbers, looking out for crazy drivers, being aware of unsafe areas in which to travel, identifying the safest means to travel and being aware of random power outages during party hours.

Why we created Georusparitet?

Georgia is a country that is in the news more and more frequently. It is not the country with the world’s greatest reputation nowadays, which is going to make a lot of people reluctant to travel there. People are understandably going to want to know about the risks involved with traveling to Georgia at a time like this, and how to mitigate those risks if necessary. This website was designed in order to help the people who are speculating about these issues.

People will find all sorts of statistics on this website, particularly involving the crime in Georgia in general.


They will also learn more about the geopolitical situation involving Georgia, specifically with regards to how it is going to affect the people who are going to Georgia on vacation or for work. They will also get stories from the people who have been there recently, which may help people develop a clearer picture of what is in store for them if they do decide to go. The situation involving Georgia globally is a complicated one, but people’s individual journeys there do not have to be anywhere near as complicated as all that, and we want to help.